Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Past Few Months...

Many of you.. err maybe the only 3 people who check my blog often, have noticed that I have been slacking in my blogging. As you probably know, Ammon has been gone as of January 2nd 2009. Today is... March 22 2009. Yes yes, this past few months have been ... grueling and miserable for me. :) So!! During all of this time, I have taken up cooking, I have gone to several scrap booking classes[not like me at all] but it was fun:D got some free ish. Stephen got married, that was exciting.. i finally got the pre marriage jitters. Or more of I WANT AMMON home jitters. I have.. been giong to school.. speaking of which I have tons of homework to do. Been catching up on my sleep... heh. My goal to lose 10lbs before Ammon got home has failed. Although i do run and workout often.. im confused myself. Im pretty much just workin, giong to school and missing Ammon. And TRYING to enjoy life without him. Which...... I refuse to do ever again. :)

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