Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Since Ammon has been gone... I have made it a special goal of mine to learn how to cook. Yes, I have always known how to boil water and throw things in it and it turns it soft. Or .. zap things in the microwave. Buuut I wanted to learn MORE then the basics.
Soo!! Here is one of the many things I have been making, Biscuits and Gravy. Previously I have made fried chicken, rice and salad, the other morning I made pancakes eggs and bacon. And last night I made Tacos:D I think I can say that I am progressing in many ways:)??


Kimball said...

i think thats pretty dang good. I'll always volunteer myself to eat what you make

Janalee said...

something funny. Talia reads your blog and said, 'why does Karen always write D after everything, I think it means Duh!' and thought it was a little rude.

haha. I said it was a big smiley face and she felt much better about things.